When it comes to receiving treatments that are associated with their mental health, children have to wait for a very long period


In order to provide their children with access to mental health therapy, families living in a seaside village are being forced to wait for a prolonged period of time.

According to the findings, there are a significant number of young patients in Blackpool who are required to wait for an appointment for a period of time that is longer than four months.

Forty-five percent of the 285 referrals that were waiting to be seen had been waiting for more than eighteen weeks by the time December 2023 came to a close by the time the month of December 2023 came to a close.

The trust said that the primary reason for the lengthy wait times was the difficulties that were occurring in the process of hiring new workers, which was something that was currently being addressed. The trust also claimed that efforts were being made to address the factors that contributed to the lengthy wait times.


A compilation of efforts that were not successful

Between April and December of the previous year, there were 5,097 appointments that were attended, which indicates that there was a 9% growth in the demand for Blackpool CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services, external) over the course of the previous year. It was throughout the course of the preceding year that this increase took place.

One in five children and young people in England between the ages of eight and twenty-five most likely had a mental health condition in the year 2023, according to the findings of a survey that was conducted by the National Health Service (NHS) and made public in November of the previous year. This was accomplished as a result of the knock-on effects that were caused by the Covid pandemic.

A meeting of the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Committee of the Blackpool Council was held, and it was stated that as many as forty-four percent of patients in Blackpool were able to schedule an appointment in a period of time that was less than four weeks. It was during the conference when these numbers were presented. When contrasted with the average for the whole country, which is thirty-seven percent, this number is much higher.

In a recent decision, Coroner Kate Bisset came to the conclusion that a number of shortcomings on the part of CAMHS had a major role in the passing of Max Sumner, a young man from Lancashire, in the month of May in the year 2022. It was only quite lately that this discovery was made.

In a statement, the health trust said that a lot of the components that make up its service “did not meet the standards that we anticipate.”


The process of hiring new employees is fraught with difficulties.

According to Mike Chew, the divisional director at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals who is in charge of communities and families, one of the reasons for huge waiting lists is the difficulty in obtaining the appropriate experts whose competence is required. This is one of the reasons why waiting lists are so long. On the other hand, he said that discussions about this topic are now taking place.

The following is an excerpt from his report: “For some time now, the service has been experiencing difficulties in filling vacant posts, which has led to a decrease in the number of staff members.” his report was written by him.

As of right now, it seems that the situation is getting better, and we have been successful in our hunt for individuals to fill the majority of the positions that are now open. All of the applicants who were successful in passing the checks are now waiting for the schedules to commence after the completion of the checks.

It is the responsibility of the Local Democracy Reporting Service, which is an independent organization, to ensure that individuals who are on waiting lists are moved to alternative services when it is assessed that this is the most suitable course of action.

According to the newspaper story, the “letters have been provided to all families in order to inform them of who they should contact and when they should do so.” At the moment, our waiting lists are made up of families, and these letters are meant to be sent to those families.

In addition to the fact that “parents and carers can call our duty team to discuss any worrying changes in their child’s condition,” the material also includes the names of other organizations and helplines that are able to provide assistance to those who are in need of assistance.

Because two more employees have been brought on board, it is now possible to provide extra appointments on weekends and in the evenings. This becomes possible as a result of the fact that the workforce has been expanded.

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