Depending on the advice of dermatologists, this is the frequency with which you should wash your face.


Here are the answers to all of your questions about cleaning your face.

In the event that you are anything like me, you probably have at least one or two friends that claim they never wash their face. Furthermore, who can blame them? The fact is that they have dry skin. On the other hand, you cleanse your acne-prone, greasy skin many times a day, sometimes even more than three times.


Can you tell me how frequently you should wash your face?

Although it is recommended that you wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, Dr. Casey notes that the frequency of this practice differs from person to person. According to Dr. Gohara, if you have oily skin that is prone to acne, you may feel the need to wash your face twice a day. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you may only need to wash your face once a day since washing your skin more often might cause it to get irritated.

If you have more mature skin, which is more prone to dryness, according to Dr. Casey, washing your face once a day could be the best option for you. This is because you have to be careful not to remove any essential oils from your skin. In the event that you begin to see changes in your skin, such as a decrease in suppleness or an increase in oil production, particularly during the perimenopause and menopause, this might be an indication that you should begin washing your face just once per day.

And when it comes to washing your clothes in the morning as opposed to at night, go for the latter. According to Dr. Gohara, “It is the time when your skin naturally regenerates,” and in addition, the cells of your skin are naturally exfoliating throughout the nocturnal hours.


After you’ve finished working out, should you wash your face?

It is dependent on your skin and the amount of perspiration that you produce, according to Dr. Gohara. If you have skin that is prone to acne, if you wear a headband or helmet, or if you just sweat a lot while exercising, it is generally a good idea to wash your face afterward.

According to Dr. Casey, “Most of the time, you want to remove that sweat from your face, as well as any germs that you may have picked up while you were working out at the gym.” On the other hand, if you have dry skin and you don’t sweat a lot when you’re working out, you may skip the additional face washing session.


Before you wash your face, what kinds of items should you use?

As a last point of interest, Dr. Casey recommends that whenever you wash your face, you should always use a cleanser and never just water. This is because water alone is not sufficient to remove dirt, oil, and other pollutants from makeup in the same way that a cleanser would. According to Dr. Gohara, water does not include surfactant, which is “the primary component of a cleanser to break down the fats, oils, and grease on your skin.” Additionally, water does not contain surfactant.


The recommended amount of time to wash your face is how long?

After all, according to Dr. Casey, it is impossible to remove any sunscreen, makeup, or anything else that is on your face after washing it for only a few seconds. It should be possible for you to massage the skin and work your way up to the hairline in one full minute in order to remove oil, debris, and other impurities from the skin.

Take into consideration the fact that the limit for washing your hands is twenty seconds, and “we have a little bit more surface area on our face,” she explains. According to Dr. Gohara, you should spend around twenty seconds on each section of your face. However, if numbers aren’t really your thing, you can just take two complete passes from the middle of your face and nose, and then go up and out.


Is it possible to wash your face too frequently?

The answer, in a nutshell, is… somewhat. “Although there is no exact number when it comes to anything on grooming, one to two times a day is generally enough when it comes to face washing,” explains the dermatologist Gohara. It is possible for an excessive amount to dry out the skin, making it more susceptible to irritation. Acne might be more prone to occur if there is insufficient product in the body. Again, the frequency with which you should wash your face will typically be determined by your skin type and lifestyle. For example, if you do physical activity or use makeup, you should wash your face on a regular basis.


The technique for washing your face like a pro

First and foremost, according to Dr. Casey, you should only use your fingers and not any other instruments, such as a loofah or a washcloth. According to her, “There is simply a great deal of variation in the manner in which those interact with our skin.” Some of them have been shown to have exfoliating characteristics, while others have a texture that has the potential to really cause skin damage.

The use of lukewarm water, which has the greatest interaction with the skin and opens the pores, is another step that should be taken before applying a few pumps of your cleanser. Perform a gentle circular motion around your face, beginning in the middle of your face, and push it into the crevices around your nose and above your lips. After that, massage it out towards the forehead, ears, and jawline.

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